The Spirit Effect

One of the greatest weapons we have as Christ-followers is the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. He is the game changer in living the life that God has called us too. Join us for this incredible journey of discovery of the Effect of having the Spirit living in us!

Message #1: 101616–The Spirit Empowers the Church

Message #2: 102316–The Work of the Spirit in Us

Message #3: 103016–Led By the Spirit

Message #4: 110616–Ernest Robinson

Message #5: 111316–Quench the Spirit 

Message #6: 112016–Transformed by the Spirit

Message #7: 112716–The Fruit of the Spirit-love

Message #8: 120416–The Fruit of the Spirit-Joy

Message #9: 121116–The Fruit of the Spirit-Peace

Message #10: 121816–The Fruit of the Spirit-Patience

Message #11: 010117–The Fruit of the Spirit-Kindness

Message #12: 010817–The Fruit of the Spirit-Goodness

Message #13: 011517–The Fruit of the Spirit-Faithfulness

Message #14: 012917–The Fruit of the Spirit-gentleness

Message #15: 020517–The Fruit of the Spirit-Self-Control