That’s What HE Said

You’re BLESSED if you’re POOR…
Call someone a “FOOL” and you could end up in HELL…
If your EYE is causing you to SIN then GOUGE it OUT…
LUST is the same thing as ADULTERY…
If someone HITS you once let the do it AGAIN…
If you have ENEMIES you ought to LOVE on them…
God won’t FORGIVE you if you don’t FORGIVE others…
In this series we take a close look at Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. It will challenge you to become who God has called you to be, so that together we can become the church that God desires us to be!

Message #1: The Beatitudes (Mtt 5:1-12 / Luke 6:20-26)

Message #2: Salt & Light (Mtt 5:13-16)

Message #3: True Religion (Mtt 5:17-20)

Message #4: Anger (Mtt 5:21-26)

Message #5: Lust (Mtt 5:27-30)

Message #6: Divorce (Mtt 5:31-32)

Message #7: Oaths (Mtt 5:33-37)

Message #8: Eye for an Eye (Mtt 5:38-42)

Message #9: Love Your Enemies (Mtt 5:43-48)

Message #10: Giving to the Needy (Mtt 6:1-4)

Message #11: Prayer (Mtt 6:5-15)

Message #12: Fasting (Mtt 6:16-18)

Message #13: Treasures (Mtt. 6:19-24)

Message #14: Worry (Mtt. 6:25-34)

Message #15: Judging (Mtt. 7:1-6)

Message #16: Prayer & Golden Rule (Mtt. 7:7-12)

Message #17: Broad/Narrow Road (Mtt. 7:13-23)

Message #18: Wise?Foolish Builder (Mtt. 7:24-29)

One Response to That’s What HE Said

  1. Bryan Cole says:

    Pastor Randy,

    I found the media series on the church website. I love that you post each week’s sermon on line. I am looking forward to listening to past series. Today was our second visit and we will keep returning week after week. I had been praying to God to help find us a church home and while we have visited several other church’s, I think God led us to New Covenant for a reason. I don’t know what God has in store for me, our my family, but I think that it involves New Covenant. There is a peace within me when I am there. I love how you have tables set up with candles, a communion table, and crosses to pin notes on, as well as prayer requests with other members. My wife and I will be there this Wednesday at 6:30 and are looking forward to it.

    I just wanted to write and tell you how wondferful I feel when I am there. I have never been excited about going to church. I have been to church, but have never been excited about returning the following week.

    We will see you Wednesday.
    Bryan Cole

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