Do you live life with your calendar jam-packed with stuff to do? Do you spend almost every dollar you make? Do you live life in such a way that stress has become like an old friend? Do you find yourself falling into compromise in many morally questionable environments? What you need is to SIMPLIFY! To create MARGIN. Margin is the amount available beyond what is needed! Life was meant to be lived at a little less than 100%! I know that goes against what we were taught but it’s true

Message #1: 02.20.11 Intro

Message #2: 02.27.11 Schedule

Message #3: 03.06.11 Money

Message #4 03.13.11 Moral

Message #5 03.20.11 Emotional

One Response to Simplify

  1. Denise H. Bazemore says:

    Thanks! I agree! But I’m working on Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace and I got to hold on for just a little bit longer then I can simplify. By this I mean working less. It’s what I need to simplify. I’m already managing well and using margin but its tough. I probably have 6 or less months. Woohooo!!!
    So, nice to hear you again. It’s a comfort. Wait, it totally kicked my butt 😉 Lol.

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