Have you ever wondered if the way we “do” Church, is the way God intended? Is it really about a building, or a Sunday morning service? Did God envision church as a place to “go” to or “belong”? Is God concerned about how many people we can pack in rows? Was church meant to be experienced “online” in the confines of our home in our pajama’s?

Somewhere along the way, we have made a series of wrong turns. The noise around us is so loud we have failed to here God saying, like our GPS…Re-Calculating! Join us for this series as we open up the scriptures and allow the truth to get us back on track!

Watch Trailer Here:

Message #1: 090813

Message #2: 091513

Message #3: 092213

Message #4: 092913

Message #5: 100613

Message #6: 101313

Message #7: 102013

Message #8: 102713

Message #9: 110313

Message #10: 111013

Message #11: 111713

Message #12: 112413

Message #13: 120113

Message #14: 120813

Message #15: 121513

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