Living Out Loud

Our faith was meant to be lived out in such a way that the world would see what a true follower of Jesus truly looks like! Our faith in the saving work of Jesus should be demonstrated by fruit! Our lives should be different in such a way that the world looks at us and says, “Yall ain’t right!” (Mean’t as a compliment due to the fact that we don’t act like the world! Join us for a journey through this most powerful letter!

Watch Trailer Here:

Message #101312: James 1:1-12

Message #102112: James 1:13-18

Message #110412: James 1:19-25

Message #111112: James 1:27

Message #111812: James 1:27 Pt.2

Message #112512: James 2:1-13

Message #120212: James 2:14-26

Message #120912: James 3:1-12

Message #121612: James 3:13-18

Message #010613: James 4:1-6

Message#011313: James 4:4-10

Message#012013: James 4:11-12

Message#012713: James 4:13-15

Message#020313: James 5:1-6

Message#021013: James 5:7-11

Message#021713: James 5:12

Message#030313:James 5:13-18

Message#031013:James 5:19-20

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