Life Under The Sun

Do you ever wonder what the purpose of life is? What’s the point? Solomon, the son of King David, was the wisest man that ever lived. In his lifetime he had no equal as to wealth, wisdom and women. Yet, in spite of “having it all”…Solomon said life, if it’s lived “under the sun”…that is void of God involved in our lives…that life is completely meaningless.

But, Solomon is calling us to find “Meaning in the Mundane”! To quite chasing the foolishness of this world, and to slow down and enjoy what really counts. Join us on this journey as we take a look at Solomon’s 3000 year old journal…known as ECCLESIASTES!

Watch Trailer Here:

Message #1: 051913–Ecc 1:1-12 

Message #2: 052613–Ecc 1:13-2:11

Message #3: 060213–Ecc 2:12-26

Message #4: 060913–Ecc 3:1-17

Message #5: 061613–Ecc 4:1-12

Message #6: 062313–Ecc 5

Message #7: 063013–Ecc 6

Message #8: 070713–Ecc 7

Message#9: 071413–Ecc 7

Message #10: 072113–Ecc 8

Message #11: 072813–Ecc 9

Message #12: 080413–Ecc 10–Trevor Cole

Message #13: 081113–Ecc 11

Message #14: 081813–Ecc 12

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