If you grew up in Sunday School, you might remember the little flannelboard, and cutout characters the teacher would put on the board to tell the stories! Well we’re bringing all the classic stories of the Bible back to real life! Join us as we explore the stories from a fresh perspective! These are the “real” Reality shows! You’ll meet people from all walks of life and see how God interacted in powerful ways with people who were normal like us!

Watch Trailer Here:

Message #1: 031112-Jacob:

Message #2: 031812-Jonah:

Message #3: 032512-Daniel:

Message #4: 040112-Joseph:

Message #5: 041512-Moses:

Message #6: 042212-Moses & the Red Sea:

Message #8: 051312-Job

Watch video on Job Message Here:

Message #9: 052012-Fiery Furnace

Message#10: 052712-Noah


Message #12:061012-David

Message #13:061712-Gideon

Message #14: 062412-Ruth

Message #15: 070112-Elijah

Message #16: 070812-Ernest Robinson

Message: 072212-Ezekiel

Message: 072912-Hosea

Message: 080512-Samson

Message: 081212-SunStandStill

Message: 082612-Habakkuk

Message: 090212-Solomon

Message: 090912-JesusCalmsThe Storm

Message: 091612-Jonathan

Message: 092312-Jonathan & David

Message: 093012-Moses 2 


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