Finding God on the Radio

Art reflects life. Music so often expresses the hopes, fears, frustrations and values of those to whom it appeals. That is why we can find timeless truths about life in the music that we listen to! The philosophy of much of today’s music when sifted through the grid of God’s truths in the Bible can give us reflective insight into life, both how to live and in some cases how not to live fulfilling, influential lives.

Watch Trailer Here:

Message #1: 031713-Hope on the Rocks: Toby Keith

Message #2: 032413-Thankful: Kelly Clarkson

Message #3: 033113-Changed: Rascal Flatts

Message #4: 040713-LivingOnAPrayer: Bon Jovi

Message #5: 041413-AintNobodyWorryin: Anthony Hamilton

Message #6: 042113-DontYouWorryChild: Swedish House Mafia

Message #7: 042813-Bleed Red: Ronnie Dunn

Message #8: 050513-Simple Man: Lynyrd Skynyrd

Message #9: 051213-Dear Mama: 2-Pac

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