Battle Ready

We live in a crazy world! There is more to it than we can see with our naked eye! Beyond the realm of the flesh there is a spiritual world. A battle is being waged…the classic good vs evil. Evil is scheming how to keep us in bondage…But God has revealed in His word how to win that battle! Are you ready?

Watch Trailer Here:

Message#1: 112011

Message #2:  112711

Message#3: 120411

Mike Street’s rap: Kingdom of God 120411

Message #4: 121111

Message #5: 121811

Message #6 010812

Message #7 011512

Message #8 012212

Message # 9 012912

Message#10 020512

One Response to Battle Ready

  1. Neya says:

    this is saving my life, and equipting me to the most useful Holy rebel i can be! I love you Pastor for being brave enough to teach us something as POWERFUL as this. You are the biggest, scariest, strongest, holy rebel of us all and you’re leading an army of saint who want so desperately to BECOME and love God by loving others! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!!!

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