DNA Intro

Do you ever wonder if God has more for you than you are experiencing? Do you ever feel as though you maybe have settled for less, drifted into a routine that leaves you wondering if there isn’t more to life than the one you are living? What if God wants to do more in the next 24 months at New Covenant than He has done in the last 24 years?

DNA is our genetic code that fulfills our destiny for what we will look like and so much more about our body! We believe that God has a spiritual DNA for each of us individually as well as one for our church collectively.

This week we launch a new series called DNA! It will challenge you to become who God has called you to be, so that together we can become the church that God desires us to be!

Message #1: Radically Devoted to Jesus (11.1.09)

Message #2: Irrevocably Committed to One Another (11.8.09)

Message #3: Relentless in Reaching the Lost (11.15.09)

Message #4: Visioneering in the House (11.22.09)

Message #5: Visioneering on the Road (11.29.09)

Message #6: Living in Community (12.06.09)

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